I am probably the worst blogger ever. I feel I apologise every time I make a post but this time I'm serious. I have been M.I.A lately and I am sorry! I haven't had a urge to make posts for a while now as you can probably tell but I am really trying to spark my interest again. I don't know what to post anymore because I don't buy much makeup, I don't know what I should post or what you all want. Please help me! If you would like me to write a post on anything, just let me know in the comments below. 

REVIEW: Australis - Bright Eyes Under eye Concealer in Banana

Since changing my lifestyle to Cruelty-Free I am yet to find an affordable and amazing concealer, especially for my under eyes. When Australis released this pen I was so stoked as I have always loved the idea of a concealer pen rather than other applicators you see.

CRUELTY-FREE 101: Introduction (What is Cruelty-Free? Parent Companies)

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So, since my blog obeys the law of cruelty-free and everything I mention in my posts are as close to cruelty-free as possible I might as well make some posts on what cruelty-free is, right? 


I haven't made an empties post in a little while and my bag is so full, it is long overdue.