My New Room Inspiration - Part Two: What bedside table?

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Hello all, here's my part two of however many parts for my new room inspo series. My dad has painted my room and ripped out the old carpet and so far is looks great, but, I can't live in there yet. Or, I can't be bothered. 

Dollar Shave Club no longer Cruelty-Free??

REVIEW: Reject Shop - Magic Makeup Up Remover

For a while this product was circulating on facebook as it is the cheaper (heaps cheaper*) alternative to the famous, Makeup Eraser. I looked in Reject Shop quite a few times trying to find it and never found it. But once I stopped looking.. I found it. And I had to get it and make a review. 

My New Room Inspiration - Part One

After living in the same room for 18 years of my life, I can finally move out of it. My brother moved into his house so we have a spare room now a.k.a my new room. Its slightly bigger than my room, and I can fit a double bed comfortably in it. I thought it would be interesting to document what I am planning on doing, and then what I am actually doing. 

I will make a few posts of these so hopefully you like it.